Monday, August 15, 2011

My First Tie

Grandma Jana got me and all my cousins matching ties. Everyone at church thought we were pretty cute!

Root Family Pictures

Everyone being in the same place at the same time doesn't happen very often. When it happened this summer, Mom took advantage of the opportunity and had Sabrina take pictures of The Kiddos on The Ranch. Taking pictures with 4 boys under the age of 3 was pretty interesting, but we ended up with some great pictures and that's all that matters!

Sheyanne (16) Sayge (9) Shaylee (6) Bryce (3) Brandon (2) Mason (1) Balen (1 month)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Aunt Sabrina... My Photographer.

My Sister Sabrina and her little boy Mason came for 10 days right after Balen was born. It was so nice having them here! Sabrina was a huge help and Mason loved to give Balen kisses :]

Sabrina has become quite the photographer. She took the pictures that were on Balen's Birth Announcement and then some! We even managed to do a 4th of July photo shoot before she went home.

Balen 1 week old.

4th of July Photo Shoot
Balen - 2 weeks
Cousin Mason - 1 year
Aunt Shaylee - 6 years
Aunt Sayge - 9 years
Aunt Sheyanne - 16 years