Thursday, June 24, 2010


Friday June 4th CELEBRATED Shelby’s Graduation:

Sisters Before Graduation

The Gang

Sister Shelby

Cousin Dallas

Saturday June 5th CELEBRATED Family:
Root Family Pictures Coming Soon

Sunday June 6th CELEBRATED My 21st Birthday:

My parents had a BBQ for Dallas & Shelby's Graduation and Mine and Wyatt's Birthdays.

21 years later we're still blowing out the same candles.
Happy Birthday To Us!

Mason Man talkin to Uncle Jeff.

It's a family thing!

It was a weekend full of CELEBRATIONS!

The End.

Our last weekend in Corvallis.
We spent the 3rd weekend in May in Corvallis. Jeff headed over Friday night with a load of hay. Every couple of months when I would come home to visit Dad would send me back to school with his pickup and some small bales to deliver to an elderly lady in Albany. I loved delivering this client hay! She is in her 80’s and would no joke buck bales right alongside me. None of her family lived in the area so whenever I would come she would insist on making me lunch and would proceed to talk my leg off for hours. Since I am done with school when Jeff brought the trailer over to move all of the furniture home him and Dad filled it full of hay to deliver to my favorite client. So we got up bright and early Saturday morning and headed to Albany and spent the morning unloading hay and visiting with her. After that we headed to Salem so Uncle Jeff could meet Baby Mason. Lucky for me my brother-in-law is equally obsessed with Red Robin as I am, so that is where we had lunch :) We had a great visit with them then headed back to Corvallis to spend the rest of the weekend working on the house. Jeff spent hours on the yard and I packed up and cleaned the house. It was bittersweet. I was so ready and excited to be in Burns, but that house was my security for so long it was hard to imagine not going back. We loaded the trailer up with all the furniture Sunday morning and Jeff was on the road back to Burns while I got ready for my last full week of school.

The Big Day.
8:30 – goodbye house in corvallis.
9:00 – school.
9:30 – clocked out for the last time.
off to salem to take my state boards. no more phagans :)
10:30 – state boards.
11:30 –PASSED and am a licensed hair stylist!!
12:00 – stocked up at the beauty supply store.
1:30 – red robin.
2:00 – headed home for good.

I had dreamed of this day since I started school on April 20, 2009. Definitely the longest and hardest 13 months of my life, but I SURVIVED, and it was so worth it. Ever since I was a little girl my family would joke about how I would never graduate from college because I wouldn’t be able to leave Burns long enough to get it done. I proved them all wrong! When I got out of taking my state boards I had multiple voicemails on my phone from my parents. They were a nervous wreck! I called them right away to tell them I passed and was officially done. I think they were more relieved than I was :) It was such a big day! When I got home that night I crashed. Slept for 18 hours. My husband probably thought I was dead! We were relieved, excited and ready to start a new chapter of our life. It’s so good to be home!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

New House

The wedding presents are opened, the boxes are unpacked, and for the first time since we got married we are settled. We love our new home and thought we would share come pictures. Enjoy!


family room.


dining room.

master bedroom.

master bathroom.