Monday, August 2, 2010

Grandpa Bob

Constantly praying for Jeff’s Grandpa.

The Billboard

Not very many people can say they have been on a billboard… but we can :]

Harney County Right To Life called my mom months ago and asked if they could use one of her children’s wedding pictures for a project they were doing. The project ended up being a billboard and we were the lucky couple.

Everywhere we go we get asked “is that you on the billboard by Dairy Queen?!” or “Did you forget to tell me something, are you pregnant!?” No I am not pregnant and yes that is us.

It will always be a memory!

Girls Camp

I was called to be the Burns Ward Camp Director last spring. It was a little hectic considering I moved home a month before camp, but somehow we pulled it all together. 7 girls and I loaded up in Jeff’s pickup bright and early on July 6th and drove half way across the state to the stake girls camp. We spent 4 days camping, swimming, hiking, and meeting new friends. We had a great time, but were all very ready to come home. I might be 21 and married but I still get homesick :)

They were a great group of girls that kept me on my toes!

Hoyt Family Reunion

130 plus Hoyts. SunRiver, OR. July 1-5.
Eating. Swimming. Bike Riding. BBQing. Canoeing. Golfing. Movies. More Eating. Talent Show. Fireworks. Did I mention eating? It was such a great time! I am so grateful that Jeff was able to get away from the hayfields for a few days and be there. We can’t wait to do it again in 3 years!

Most of the pictures I have are from our canoe trip. Enjoy!