Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Miracle.

2 years ago we were told we would never be able to have kids. It was devastating, but we had faith that someday Heavenly Father would bless us with a family of our own. But we always assumed it would be through adoption…

Last week we
found out that we are expecting. I’m 6 weeks along due the beginning of June. Once we told our families the word spread quick :] We are excited, nervous, anxious but most of all grateful. It truly is a miracle that wouldn’t have been possible without our Heavenly Father.

No morning sickness so far. I’m SUPER tired and find myself eating a lot more. It’s amazing how quick life can change. We have never been happier and can’t wait to meet our miracle baby. We pray daily that everything will go smoothly and we will have a healthy baby in 34 weeks :]

Grandpa's Ranch

A couple weekends ago most of Jeff’s Family met in Prairie City to Preg Test Cows and Winterize The Ranch. Grandma Bill was taking pictures the entire time so she could show Grandpa Bob when she returned to Boise. It was a great opportunity to spend time with family. We even got to watch one of Cousin Katie’s Volleyball Games!

Jeff on Grandpa's Tractor.

Sister Jamie and Cousin Abbie.

Cousin Katie after her volleyball game!

Fall at the Cary's House.

My Mom found this table for me at a bazaar a couple weeks ago. LOVE IT!

Nothing $600 can't fix... We finally have wedding pictures!


DaTeS & pIcTuReS! Who needs those!?!
It’s been over 2 months and we have so much to catch you up on.
We bought a BBQ in June and Jeff is obsessed. He loves BBQing for all our friends and neighbors.

I was on Jury Duty July and August. Lucky for me I got $10 for my services :]

Back to School Haircuts kept me sssooo busy the month of August.

Sayge turned 8 and was Baptized in August. Skye, Becca and The Boys came for the weekend. It was a Beautiful Baptism and a fun weekend at The Ranch.

Jeff and His Sister Jamie traveled to Boise the end of August to spend a couple days with their Grandpa. They loved spending time with him and wished they could have stayed for longer.

We got the crazy idea to redo our Flower Beds. After a sliced finger, emergency room bill and a torn up sprinkler system our Flower Beds are looking better than ever but are nowhere near done.

The Harney County Fair was the beginning of September. Sheyanne showed a steer and was Grand Champion FFA Showman. Sabrina, Kevin and Mason were here for the week and Jamie and her boyfriend Ed were here for the weekend competing in the rodeo. We ate lots of fair food, caught up with old friends, watched the rodeo and rode carnival rides with Sayge and Shaylee.

GOODBYE Blackberry Phone… HELLO Internet at Our House!

My Cousin Kelsi had her baby. We cannot wait to meet her!
Alyvia JoAnn Timpe.
September 18,2010.
7lbs 6oz 20inches.

I chaperoned the Strawberry Mountain District FFA Leadership Camp the end of September. Coached the Rituals Team that took 1st Place. It brought back so many memories of my years in FFA.
I’m sure I’m forgetting so many things. It has been an eventful 2 months!
WE’RE BACK and I promise our next post will be full of DaTeS & pIcTuReS!