Monday, May 17, 2010

"What are you worrying about?"

I am a worrier! When my husband, parents, brother or sisters call or text me it’s not
“How is your day going?” “What’s up?”
or “I need something!”
it’s “What are you worrying about?”

Lately my worrying has been at an all time peak. I think that beauty school, mortgage lenders, real estate agents, weeds in my flower beds, starting my own business, medical insurance, antivirus that expired 133 days ago and so many other things could quite possibly have something to do with it :]
I am very excited for things to slow down, so I will have a few less things to worry about. 10 school days to go!

New Eyes

Goodbye Eye Glasses

Hello Sun Glasses

Jeff had lasik surgery in Redmond on Friday.

He was in a lot of pain at first but after a few hours without sunlight he was good to go.

It was a good weekend away. Jeff has "new eyes" and we were able to spend time with family.

Meet Our Nephew

After 30 hours of labor and a scary delivery Baby Mason is here and looks just like his Mommy.
Mason Roger Maki
May 7, 2010
7 pounds 2 ounces
20.4 inches long

Tuesday, May 4, 2010



Buying a home has topped the list for the most stressful experience ever, but it was all worth it and we are happier than ever.

Here is a picture of the house that was on the website. We moved in 10 days ago and thanks to My Mom and her Best Friend Christy we are somewhat settled. I headed back to school the day after we moved in and haven’t been home since.

A special thanks to My Family and My Dad’s Secretaries for all your help with the paperwork nightmare. I didn't even know how to run a fax machine before this adventure. It definitely took all 10 of us to get the job done :)

More pics to come soon!