Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I still have 7 weeks of school left, but my graduation ceremony was on March 11th. Nothing too major! It consisted of each one of the educators talking about each one of the graduates. They all pretty much said the same thing about me “one of our quietest students but extremely talented.” Jeff was swamped at work and couldn’t make it but Dad, Skye, Shelby and Sheyanne were able to be there. They were all quite concerned about me being one of the quietest students! I guess I just don’t fit in very well at beauty school? I AM SO READY TO BE DONE :]

making fun of me for being "quiet"

Skye, Me, Shelby & Shey

Me and Dad

State Basketball

Shelby and her basketball team competed in the 3A State Basketball Tournament at Willamette University in Salem March 3rd – 6th. They placed 5th overall and received the sportsmanship award. It is Shelby’s senior year so this was her last hurrah! Everyone was able to come and watch her play except for Kevin (Sabrina’s Husband) who was out on the boat. My parents and Sabrina came over Wednesday and Jeff came Friday morning. Most of them made trips down to Corvallis to see where I go to school and get their hair done. The people I go to school with finally believe that I do have a husband and a family. They’re not made up :] It was a fun weekend full of basketball, family and more basketball. We are so proud of Shelby and will miss watching her play next year!
Sisters at State Basketball
Shelby and her team placed 5th.